Application Documents

Your application documents play a crucial part on your way to a new job. They are your first point of contact with your future employer and the impression you make counts. Mark the basic rule: professionalism and authenticity help you to move forward. 

The core of your application is your one page motivational letter. With this you can convince your potential employer of yourself: Why did you apply for this particular position? Why should the company take you on? What qualifications make you perfect for the job? Bear in mind to testify your arguments. A smart, honest and personal motivational letter usually stands better chances than a common one. 

Pay attention that the reader quickly finds your abilities for the job. Start with your latest position. Your contact details should be clearly perceptible. Make references to your career, your studies and formal vocational training and finally any other qualifications such as language skills etc. Your CV should not exceed 2 pages. Most employers ask you for an application photo on your CV. By an anti-discrimination act it is up to you whether to send one in or not. It is, however, common practice. A professional photo further suggests reliability and affiliation with the company. 

Last but not least you testify your qualifications with relevant certificates. Follow the principle of reversed chronology. Start with the certificates of your formal vocational training or studies (copies only) and continue with former employment reference letters. If you do not have any reference letters, ask your former employer for one. In Germany personal references are not very common. 

Send your complete application documents by e-mail or post them in an envelope or application file. Generally, it is important that your documents are neat and tidy and reputable. Address your documents to your contact person or Head of Human Resources. 

For online applications upload your digital documents during the application process. Same as before, pay attention to a structured overall image. Use PDF files. 

It is important to translate and possibly accredit your certificates in order for your employer to evaluate them correctly. 

At the "Regierungspräsidium" in Stuttgart (regional authority) educational certificates are being examined and accredited. Academic degrees which you have gained at a university abroad do not have to be accredited. There are several institutions for the accreditation of vocational training degrees. The "Recognition Finder" helps you identify which institution is responsible for your profession.