Assessment Center

The invitation for an Assessment Center brings you closer to your dream job. Assessment Center are not a necessary part of the application process but especially large companies tend to use them. The selection process aims at evaluating your qualifications. 

An Assessment Center is an assessment process of a group of applicants. It takes up to one or several days. The process is constituted of various exercises and tests. The manner and conduction of these tests varies but most commonly they follow a certain scheme (4 stages). Prepare yourself for the Assessment Center in advance. 

Assessment Center seem intimidating for many applicants - especially as there are many possibilities to make mistakes. Do not play-act. Stay honest, confident and realistic. Authenticity is generally better than an acted manner. 

Bear in mind: you are being examined the whole time during the Assessment Center. Pay attention to way of behaving and body language also between sessions and during lunch. The evaluation includes your interaction with other applicants.