Job Interview

Your application documents were convincing and they invited you for a job interview. Now, you have reached an important step on your way to your dream job. 

The job interview helps both your employer and yourself to find out whether the position fits you. The employer checks your qualifications and motivation and you have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the company culture.


Before the Interview

The interview is your chance to convince. Preparation is the key. A good preparation gives you self-assurance and stops you from being unnerved by unexpected questions. Before the interview reflect on what constitutes you as a person, how you could fill the position and what value you could add to it. Take your application documents with you. Additionally, pay attention to your clothes, they should match the job and you should feel comfortable in them. 


During the Interview

Each job interview is different. Nevertheless, it is always about you and focuses on your qualifications. The interview usually follows 5 stages. 

Even if the job interview goes well, you stand better chances for a job if you keep applying. For further jobs see our job search engine.



Some job interviews may include trial work. After the formal introduction you have to start directly with some practical work. This is common practice with application-oriented professions such as graphic designers or chefs. The length of the trial work may range from a short period to several days. 

The Choice is Yours
The Choice is Yours

What to wear to the job interview? That used to be easier.

Nearly one century ago you were always well dressed in traditional clothing. Baden-Württemberg has a rich costume tradition. Costumes varied from occasion or family status. One of the most famous pieces of their costume is the so called "Bollenhut" (a hat with several red balls on it) which originates from the Black Forest. There exist many more variants of costumes and lively societies for traditional costumes.