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Baden-Württemberg is poor in mineral resources but rich in people with many ideas, ingenuity and diligence. Their creativity and inventiveness, knowledge and know-how, engagement in economy, science, education, culture and society have made the German Southwest one of the most successful regions in the world. Here you meet the best possibilities when looking for a job. 

Baden-Württemberg - Economically Powerful and Diverse

Baden-Württemberg is one of Europe’s top regions with a strong economy. No other region in the European Union (EU) spends more money on research and development measured against the gross domestic product(GDP). And it works: Baden-Württemberg can boast with more patent applications per 100.000 inhabitants than any other region in Germany. World-changing inventions such as matches, wall plugs, the electric drill and of course the automotive come from the southwest. 

Being the home of the automotive, Baden-Württemberg enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide and is very strong in export. Many well-known global players are based in southern Germany, among them are Daimler, Bosch and SAP. The basis of the economic power, however, is constituted by the many small and medium sized companies, which are often market leaders in their individual product segments. 

Baden-Württemberg is shaped by its industry. The automotive sector accounts for one quarter of production and machinery and plant engineering account for one fifth. Almost 550.000 people are employed in those two leading industries. Further branches are electrical engineering, information and communication technology, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and optics. 

Rate of unemployment
3.8% (2016)
Working population
6.07 mio. (2015)
477 bill. Euro (2016)

Working in Baden-Württemberg - A Country With Perspectives

For reasons of its economic power, Baden-Württemberg offers you a variety of possibilities for your professional success. Employers are constantly looking for qualified employees. Especially skilled employees with average and high qualifications are in great demand. The opportunities here range from technical to economic, gastronomic, educational and social professions. (Source: BWIHK)

You would like to attain such a qualification or continue your studies? Baden-Württemberg offers you various and individual possibilities for vocational training and education. Many universities and a multitude of vocational training possibilities await you. 

Come to Baden-Württemberg and work in a country with perspectives! Profit by a strong and steady economy, high income opportunities, a modern infrastructure, a good work-life balance and much more!