Job and Career Fairs

You are looking for the right job- employers are looking for the best candidate. Job and career fairs bring both parties together and offer you perfect opportunities in finding a place of employment in Baden-Württemberg. 


Convince Directly

At job and career fairs you can quickly meet your potential "baden-württemberg" employer in person. Take this opportunity and convince them by your steady and competent appearance. If your favourite place of employment is already taken by someone else, you can directly ask the company for any vacancies. 

Yet again, bear in mind: preparation is the key. Inform yourself in advance which companies are present at the job and career fair and differentiate between those of interest for you. Create profiles of the products and the individual company culture. You might also be able to make an appointment with the companies before the fair. Take your application file with you. In this way, your potential employer has all your data and is able to contact you later on. 


Go and Find Baden-Württemberg! 

Again and again, Baden-Württemberg is present at job and career fairs. At their pavilions you receive information and sometimes even advertised jobs of local companies. The events calender provides an overview of some job and career fairs and shows, where Baden-Württemberg is participating.