Vocational Training

Employers from Baden-Württemberg are constantly looking for highly skilled and motivated employees. The state also offers first-class opportunities to gain these qualifications. Learn in Baden-Württemberg! 


Dual Training Scheme - Formula For Success

One reason for the excellent educational level in Germany and Baden-Württemberg is the German vocational education and training system. In usually three years you gain practical experience working in the real job. Next to working, the apprenticeship also comprises recurring theoretical periods. The integration of theory and practice gives you all the skills you need for a successful professional career. 

Chances for getting dual training in Baden-Württemberg are very good. There is a high demand for apprentices especially in the crafts, gastronomic, caring, technical, and commercial sectors. Particularly rural areas offer attractive conditions to inspire young people for their company. The key players in the dual training scheme are the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the Chamber of Crafts. They organise and supervise the vocational education and training and thus also help to ensure that there are enough skilled professionals. 


Practice and Science

Baden-Württemberg further offers a great range of studies to unfold you academic career. At more than 70 universities at 76 different locations, scientists and skilled professionals of tomorrow do their research, teach and learn. Baden-Württemberg is one of the top science locations in Germany. Besides, 3 of Germany’s 11 universities in the top "Excellent" class are located in the southwest. 

The demand for skilled professionals remains unchangingly high. Chances for recruitment are best for economists, architects, engineers and computer scientists. 


Lifelong Learning

A continual training allows skilled professionals keep their high standards. An act from 2015 allows employees leave of absence for professional or personal advanced training. The state also provides several possibilities for support. The most famous and certified providers for further training are the so called "Volkshochschulen" (adult education centre) as well as the Chamber for Commerce and Industry. 

Where do you study best?
Where do you study best?

In Baden-Württemberg of course!

Looking at the sons and daughters of the state you can clearly see that studying has its perks here. It is the home of many smart maninds: Johannes Kepler, Friedrich Schiller, Ferdinand von Zeppelin, Otto Dix, Albert Einstein, Hermann Hesse to name but a few. Wait, did we mention the part about the invention of the automotive?