Colourful BW

Many colours describe Baden-Württemberg: our national colours are black and gold, our wine is white and red, our forests are green and our waters are blue. The core of our state is equally colourful: our people. 


Our Strength? Diversity! 

The expulsion of people after World War II, the recruitment of guest-workers and the breakdown of the Soviet Union caused a migration flow in Europe. And Baden-Württemberg always appealed: since 1952, 15.7 million people have settled here. 

About 28% of the population have migration background and help to make Baden-Württemberg the most colourful German state. 

South Germans have a reputation for being reserved. Unjustly. Especially, so called "Schwaben" ("Swabians") are supposed to need some time to open up, however, afterwards they are cordial and faithful friends. 


Our Position? Close to People!

Baden-Württemberg distinguishes itself with its closeness to its citizens. Everybody is welcome and may pronounce an opinion. Every citizen should be able to partake in public life. Therefore, the state actively supports integration as well as equalisation of neglected social groups. 


Our Way? Towards the Future!

The state endeavours to preserve itself for coming generations that these may still enjoy living in Baden-Württemberg in the future. Therefore, the government and the people take a stand for new forms of energy, climate protection, a sound nature and safe food. This helps making economy sustainable and at the same time prepares it for the future. 

Baden-Württemberg is colourful and strong. However, we continually work to get better. Become a part of us! 

Even our daily bread has two colours
Even our daily bread has two colours

Our culinary offers are as colourful as our society. But where does it taste the best? Of course at home.

Have you ever heard of "Ofenschlupfer" or "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte"? They are a traditional sweet dish and a special cake from southwest Germany. There also exist many savoury dishes such as "Schäufele", "Spätzle", "Zwiebelrostbraten", "Flädlessuppe" or "Maultaschen" which originate in Baden-Württemberg and you must try when you are here. And we bet you did not know that the "Brezel" was invented in the southwest.