Mobility clearly illustrates tradition and innovation in Baden-Württemberg. Bicycles and automotives were invented here and nowadays Baden-Württemberg aims to become a pioneer region in the field of electromobility. In all of Germany, the southwest has the most car sharing offers measured against the number of inhabitants. 

The starting shot of individual mobility reaches back over 200 years. Back then Karl Drais from Karlsruhe invented the first prototype of a bicycle. In 1886 Carl Benz filed a patent application for the automotive which made him another famous person from Baden-Württemberg. 

Ever since then mobility of its people is central to our state and is supported respectively. 


Superb Infrastructure

Our excellent road network is one of the components of our superb infrastructure. We differentiate between "Landstraßen", "Bundesstraßen" and "Autobahnen". They have different signs and also the speed limits differ. The maintenance and development is promoted by the state which keeps improving the infrastructure. For some cities you need a so called "Umweltplakette" (pollution badge) which certifies low exhaust emissions. 

Additionally, the large rail network contributes to high mobility. Both long- and short-distance trains call at our numerous stations. Good public transports are mostly found in cities, more remote regions can be reached by bus. By now Germany also has a variety of long-distance bus services. Intercity coaches frequently offer cheaper tickets than Deutsche Bahn and they connect cross-border cities. 

"Mitfahrgelegenheiten" (lifts) are yet another option for travel. On web portals verified private persons can offer lifts which you can book. Travel costs are then shared between car passengers. 

There are also several airports (Stuttgart, Karlsruhe/ Baden-Baden and Friedrichshafen) which connect Baden-Württemberg to other countries. Stuttgart is the most important of the three as it approaches about 100 destinations worldwide. All airports are approached by low-cost airlines. Therefore, in next to no time you reach international airports such as Frankfurt, Munich, Basel or Zurich. 


Being Flexible On the Road: Car Sharing & More

Car sharing gives you additional flexibility and makes you independent from bus or train schedules. As soon as you registered with a car sharing provider you can choose and book cars via an app. The bill is measured against kilometres or minutes, frequently there are also per diem allowances. Providers are for instance "flinkster", "stadtmobil" or "car2go". 

Individual mobility, however, is not restricted to cars. In many places you can rent bicycles or electric scooters. Once again you pay per minute. The concept for hiring is also similar to that of cars and payment is possible with credit card. 

Sharing offers are commonly found in cities but rural areas slowly catch up. Ask your municipal or have a look online for any possibilities in the vicinity. 


At the Heart of Europe

Being a person from "Baden-Württemberg" you live at the heart of Europe. Not only can you discover all of Baden-Württemberg but you are also abroad in Europe in no time. In 3 hours you could almost reach any place in Europe by plane, so nothing stands in your way for a minibreak. 

You can equally cross borders by train or bus as Baden-Württemberg has good transport connections.