01 02 2018

More employees than ever before

Last year in Baden-Württemberg, there were more people working than ever before. At 6.26 million, the number of employees reached a peak for the seventh consecutive year. Unemployment in the country in 2017 was the lowest since the early 1990s.

On average, 6.26 million people were employed in Baden-Württemberg last year. These were 94,300 people or 1.5 percent more than in 2016. Growth rates in the two years before were still at 1.0 and 1.4 percent, respectively. Most new jobs in Baden-Württemberg were accounted for by service companies. Across Germany, the number of people in employment rose by 1.5 percent to 44.28 million in 2017.

Growth in employees subject to social security contributions

In 2017, there was an increase in Baden-Württemberg alone among employees subject to social security contributions. By the middle of the year, nearly 4.57 million people were employed in the state, 108,000 or 2.4 percent more than a year earlier.

At 72.9 per cent, employees subject to social insurance are by far the largest group of people in the state. There was no higher proportion since 1995.

Number of unemployed as low as 1992

The number of unemployed in Baden-Wuerttemberg decreased in the year 2017 compared to the previous year by 13,600 persons or 6 per cent to 212,800 persons and reached a value as low as it has not been since 1992. The unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent, a nationwide peak, and reached its lowest level since 1994. Nationwide, the corresponding rate was 5.7 percent.