15 09 2017

Skilled crafts are the key industry of the federal state

In Baden-Württemberg there are 780,000 people working in 133,000 skilled crafts enterprises and generating around 90 billion Euro revenues. The skilled crafts industry offers with nearly 50,000 apprentices almost every fourth apprenticeship position in the federal state. With the project “Dialog und Perspektive Handwerk 2025” the federal state wants to ensure the strength and competitiveness of the skilled crafts industry in Baden-Württemberg in the future.

At the “Day of skilled crafts" on September 16th the Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, states: “Skilled crafts are an essential element of the success of Baden-Württemberg – it is an important engine for our economy in the southwest and our labour market.” With 133,000 enterprises, 93 billion Euro revenues, 780,000 employees and 48,000 apprentices the skilled crafts are the key industry of the federal state.


Skilled crafts provide every fourth apprenticeship position of the federal state

The “Day of skilled crafts” that always takes place in September draws attention to the disproportionate apprenticeship performance of the skilled crafts industry as it offers nearly every fourth apprenticeship position. Therefore the skilled crafts industry educates beyond its own needs and also provides professionals to the manufacturing industry. The skilled crafts industry employs many people with a migrant background and therefore contributes to the integration process. Furthermore, the skilled crafts industry makes a significant contribution to the economic innovation by manufacturing prototypes and small-scale productions, being an early adopter of new technologies and a distributer of them as well as by revealing deficiencies in the experience and hence stimulating advancement, modification and optimisation. In this context the skilled crafts industry played an important role for example during the implementation of the energy revolution and the development of electro mobility.


Project „Dialog und Perspektive Handwerk 2025“

To ensure the strength and competitiveness of the skilled crafts industry in Baden-Württemberg for the future, the Ministry of Economics together with the Association of Chambers of Crafts of Baden-Württemberg currently carries out the project „Dialog und Perspektive Handwerk 2025“. The goal of the project is to determine the changes the skilled crafts industry is facing and how the enterprises should situate themselves to master future challenges and exploit opportunities and new development. Together with representatives of the skilled crafts industry areas of activity had been identified and defined to develop precise sets of measures. These include a human resources initiative, a strategy initiative and a digitalisation initiative, with emphasize to measures for sensitisation, information and demonstration as well as consulting and coaching of the enterprises. These sets of measures will be gradually implemented according to the needs of the companies and the current and future developments.